Student Internship Nucleation

Aspen Oss manufactures complex Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) of high quality for customers all over the world. The portfolio of Aspen Oss consists of more than 50 different API’s used, for example, in medications for women’s health, male health, muscle relaxation, oncology and veterinary applications.


The purpose of this internship assignment is to study the nucleation behavior of highly active APIs in a flow reactor. For that purpose, we have acquired a commercial flow reactor.

The intern should be a practically oriented person who can help us expand our knowledge on the possibilities for exploiting the flow reactor technology in our current and future production processes. The project includes introduction of the commercial flow reactor to the laboratory and performing cooling and anti-solvent crystallization experiments with the reactor. The internship also includes characterization of the obtained crystals using relevant analytical techniques (for example, but not limited to, laser diffraction particle size measurements, light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy).

We are looking for a student who is able to perform experiments and analyses independently, preferably from Chemical Engineering, Process Technology or similar study. The project will also include keeping an electronic lab journal up to date, presenting the progress during Section meetings, submitting a final report and giving a final presentation at the end of the internship. The supervision of the internship will be done by the Scientists. The duration of the internship can be adjusted to the requirements of the study (varying from 3 to 6 months). The preferred starting date is September 1st, 2021.


The department Development and Technical Support (DTS) is the owner of the (bio)chemical processes at Aspen Oss and does analytical and process development, scale up, optimization and troubleshooting on the processes. The department has some 50 employees divided in sections for new product development, analytical sciences, plant support, specialties and process documentation support. Our laboratories are equipped with modern instrumentation and our employees have BSc, MSc or PhD education.

The internship is within Section Specialties. We are a group of two Scientists and three Lab Technicians specializing in safety studies, crystallization/precipitation, solid state characterization and powder processing, both at lab scale and as technical support for production.


For any questions regarding this internship, please contact Dr. Marketta Uusi-Penttilä at or by phone 088-2779309 / 06-11911745