Study towards equipment for isolation and combined drying and wetting (internship)

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Internship chemical engineering

Problem description

Rocuronium bromide is produced in building BB. The last process step consists of a precipitation, isolation of the crystals, followed by a sequence of drying-wetting-drying. The wetting and drying process takes approximately 5 days. During that time, the filter dryer cannot be used for the next process. Especially, as we are aiming to reduce the throughput time of the preceding processes, the filter dryer is the bottle-neck in production speed improvement.

If this wetting-drying sequence can be done in a separate unit, this will substantially decrease the total process time in the fixed equipment.


Design a solution to perform the isolation, drying and wetting of Rocuronium bromide in considerably less time and not hampering production flow of the preceding processes.

The solution may be in optimizing the current use of the filter dryer, or the use of a completely different type of equipment such as fluid bed or flash dryer. The solution must fit in our goals to improve sustainability.


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